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some time at the top manage to fall down hard after their time is over.

Some of them manage to recover from this, while others just sink into the dark and cannot manage to revive their career anymore.

So this forces these wrestlers to look for some other career option and when they can't find anything else to do, they decide to make better use of their bodies and join the adult entertainment industry.

Some washed-up wrestlers do adult movies to make some bucks, while in other cases budding wrestlers have been forced to do "adult stuff" in order to make a living before getting a break in the wrestling industry.

Nonetheless, these wrestlers were part of very intense adult movies which will always follow them.

While some wrestlers only did softcore stuff, others went all out and took part in some real hardcore adult entertainment.

Many fans probably didn't even know these wrestlers had done some naughty stuff in their lives, as we take a look at the 15 Wrestlers You Forgot Worked In The "Other Industry".

15 Major Gunns via, major Gunns wasn't really hired by WCW for her "in-ring talent" as she had a smacking hot body and was meant to reap the eyes of the audience with her sensational figure.

While she was a hit at first as one of the nWo fitness girls, she later lost relevance and went on to join Xtreme Pro Wrestling, where she met "adult stars" Lizzy Borden and her husband.

This probably led Gunns to make good use of her figure in a more lucrative industry for her and she actually left wrestling to join the adult entertainment company Seymore Butts Lighthouse Talent Agency.

Gunns probably figure out that wrestling wasn't cut out for her anymore and decided to put her body to "better use" in the adult entertainment industry.

She still works as a cam girl and does photoshoots, as it seems this turn of career actually might've benefitted her.

14 Amy Weber via m, amy Weber might not really be remembered by many wrestlers, but she was brought in JBL's image consultant and as a part of his "Cabinet".

A former WWE Diva's Search contestant, Weber feuded with some other divas while mostly working as JBL's valet, but later resigned from WWE after allegations of being harassed by other wrestlers.

But Weber had the reputation of starring in some softcore "entertainment" movies where she put her smacking body to good use.

She later turned to the musical line, releasing an album called "Let It Rain" which was a hit in the top musical charts at the time.
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