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can be taken by foreigners or Brazilians citizens who do not speak Portuguese as their native language.

It is mandatory for the admission in undergraduate or graduation courses, as well as to validate the diploma of foreign professionals planning to work in Brazil.

Celpe-Bras evaluates oral and written comprehension, as well as oral and written production of the Portuguese language.

The test is divided into two parts: Written test: it lasts three hours and is composed by two assignments integrating oral comprehension to written production, plus two assignments integrating reading and written production.

Oral test: it lasts 20 minutes and consists of interactions related to activities and interests mentioned by the applicant in his application form and conversations about everyday matters.

Celpe-Bras evaluates four proficiency levels: intermediate, high intermediate, advanced and high advanced.

The enrollment to the test can be made from February 8th to March 8th at the, celpe-Bras webpage.

The basic steps for the enrollment are: To fill in the form available at Celpe-Bras official website; Pay the enrollment fee (BRL 150,00 Present the payment receipt along with your RG, RNE or passport at the venue where the.

Where can I take the test?

Depending on the applicant's country of origin, it is not necessary to be in Brazil to take the test as it is offered in the following countries: Argentina ; Austria; Bolivia; Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Domenican Republic; Ecuador; El Salvador;.

On the test day On the test day, the applicant must present the original personal document used for the enrollment in the test (RG, RNE or passport).

The applicant will no longer be allowed to participate if his arrival occurred after the written text has started.

If the applicant gives up on the test, there is no reimbursement of the application fee.

Results and certificate The results of the two annual editions of the test are published in August and November, respectively.

Inep (which is the branch of Ministrio da Educao in charge of the exam) will issue an electronic certificate with the proficiency level reached by the applicant.

The validation of this certificate is made at inep website Getting ready for the test The test is not very different from any language evaluation, approaching topics that are familiar to anyone who has taken a proficiency test in any language.
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