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Because nedos-daddy material may not be easy to write about slovansko pagandom, but try.

Whole my studies pagandom me dium unfortunately difficult by the fact that any book, any material, written by different authors, often differ in opinion, for example, in the practical time of arrival of Slavs.

Whether therefore the Slavs arrived in m century or earlier, berms as to the fact that the remnants of a culture strongly influenced by us (but to a little later).

Although it appears that we have sufficient archaeological findings, it is not.

Some of the findings archelgovia speak Slavic, and others on the findings of Celtic or Germanic.

What is certain is that there are few findings for several reasons.

In earlier times the dead bodies pagandom spopolovali the border and is punishable by ordinary containers and then zakopvali into the ground.

The dead so much, no charities, because they believed in the afterlife (and later delivered to the seriousness of death).

It was to Christianity, and some ethnic groups, which prompted the Slavs undermines their entire bodies as objects, which were to serve the deceased after his death and expressed both his social status throughout his life.

Later, when Christians "mentioned" equality before God, again to the tombs nedvalo charities.

Unfortunately, they were just Christians-Tania, who is in spreading their faith in one God destroyed all the pagan idols, shrines and amulets.

We can not therefore speak of the rich findings of Slavic culture.
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